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Out of the Fire

Lauren Pratt, musician

After fire destroyed almost everything in her Nashville home, Americana musician Lauren Pratt put away her guitar, hopped in her car, and headed for graduate school. Now back with a new album, she shares her story of rising from the ashes. (Created for Lesley University.)

Listen to Lauren Pratt's story.

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Cell Block Eddie

Eddie Pace, bail bondsman

Mississippi bail bondsman Eddie Pace, better known as Uncle Eddie, doesn't make it a habit to judge the people who call him from jail. He's happy to help...that is, until they decide not to show up in court. That's when it starts to get interesting.


Listen to Uncle Eddie's story, created during the 2020 Transom Story Mentorship.

'As for the Heart'

Erin Belieu, poet

Poet and professor Erin Belieu reads "As for the Heart," her bittersweet pandemic-era poem inspired by love, isolation, and growing older.


Listen to this soundscape of her poem from the Why We Write podcast, created for National Poetry Month.


Adding Justice

Sandra St Fleur, Lesley University

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been a popular trio in recent years. Sandra St Fleur wants to make that a quintuple with the addition of justice. In this audio profile, St Fleur, the vice president of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice at Lesley University, shares her experiences growing up as a woman of color and why justice is as vital component of DEI work. (Created for Lesley University.)

Listen to Sandra St Fleur's story.


Hear more.

Georgia produces two podcasts for Lesley University:

  • Why We Write: an interview-style podcast featuring authors from a variety of genres.

  • Who We Are: a forthcoming short-form podcast with profiles of members of the university community.

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